A Christmas Carol Nightlights

Christmas Carol Nightlight from LittleMissMarmalade.com

I’m so pleased to share a craft with you inspired by Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Let me tell you, if you love getting lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” AND HUGS from your kids, this Christmas Carol Nightlight is the craft for you. I gave one each to my son and daughter, and they […]

Easy Halloween Garland

Lace Flower Halloween Garland | LittleMissMarmalade.com

This Easy Halloween Garland is perfect for making with kids, and costs much less than many store-bought garlands. I already had many of the supplies needed, such as the bags, hole punch, doilies and glue. I bought the rest of the materials and ended up handcrafting a garland for less than $20! This craft was […]

Wallpaper a la Anorak Magazine

Wallpaper Reading Nook for Kids | LittleMissMarmalade.com

This wallpaper DIY project uses illustrations from UK-based Anorak Magazine—the Happy Mag for Kids! It’s a fun way to decorate a wall in a room and turn a little corner into a creative reading nook for kids. Have fun! Do you have a sad, plain—dare I say it—UGLY wall in your home that needs some […]

Choosing a Wacom Tablet

Choosing a Wacom Tablet | LittleMissMarmalade.com

Are you ready to use a Wacom tablet for drawing rather than your boring computer mouse? Or perhaps you want to enhance some photography to make it pop in just the right way. There are just a few things you need to do before diving in and exploring your creativity in virtual pen and tablet […]

Back to School Homework Clipboard

Back to School Homework Clipboard: Crafts for Kids from LittleMissMarmalade.com

This Back to School Homework Clipboard will keep kids busy crafting as well as get them motivated to be ready for the new school year. One of the best things about this craft is that kids can do it, which means they’ll be even more excited to use their clipboards to do homework! Follow my […]

IKEA Paper Shop Stationery

IKEA Stationery | LittleMissMarmalade.com

IKEA announced a new line of stationery called “Paper Shop” to some of its stores throughout Europe. If paper fans give it good reviews, perhaps we could see these products in U.S. stores soon (fingers crossed!). The colors and designs are what you would expect—bold, vibrant, and fun. Here’s a peek at the collection on […]

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